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Joseon storage jar, 19th century

Description: Even at first glance this large porcelain jar has the features of a typical Korean moon jar, despite the elongated body and the lack of a neck. The body, apart from the coarse rim and foot-ring base, is covered with a rich, glossy white glaze that has a slightly blue hue. During the Joseon dynasty moon jars were placed in the pantry as food storage vessels. In the early 20th century, they started to be appreciated as artworks by Japanese scholars. The slightly asymmetric shape and horizontally incised lines are caused by the joining of two halves to form the round body. The imperfection represents the Joseon aesthetic, which admired naturalism and the free expression of artisan’s mind.

Provenance: An American collection

Reference: For a similar jar of this type, see Lot 176 from Bonhams Los Angeles "Fine Chinese and Japanese Works of Art Part I", 14 December 2020



Late Joseon dynasty (18-19th century)

38 cm high


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