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Born and raised in the heart of cultured Beijing, Dr. Shanshan Wang has spent the last decade and a half studying and working in France, Germany, and the UK. With a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Shanshan continues to explore the common feature between science and art – creativity. Shanshan has had a life-long passion for art. She is an artist with many years of experience in both traditional Chinese paintings and Western art forms. Multilingual and with a scientific and artistic mind, profound cultural understanding, and deep knowledge of history, Shanshan is a true polymath.

Dr. Wang's special love for antiques began when she acquired her first Yangshao pottery (ca. 5000 BCE) while she was still at university. She spent almost all  her  school  holidays  wandering the museums,  antique markets, 

and historical sites. She also did an apprenticeship alongside an experienced connoisseur for more than 20 years. Her scientific background and knowledge acquired from vast archeological reports have equipped her with unique expertise in early Asian art which has immense historic and aesthetic value. It was always her dream to open her own antique gallery in London. In summer 2021, she made it happen. 


Her primary expertise is in the fields of early Chinese art, luxury collections, and European country houses. However, she have bee deepening her knowledge across multiple disciplines including 20th century European paintings and prints. Alongside the major gallery exhibitions, she provides educational programs, such as lecture series and handling sessions to the public and promotes cross-cultural knowledge.

W. SHANSHAN 珊然軒 is established by Dr. Shanshan Wang and has a unique focus on early Asian art, particularly Chinese ceramics and sculptures from the Neolithic period to the Han and Tang dynasties. The gallery aims to rediscover the value and history of early objects, from which later art forms were derived and their aesthetic level exemplified. Our selected collection includes rare earthenware pottery, blue-glazed ceramics, marble sculptures, with an extension to later Korean and Japanese objects.


The gallery performs as a platform to connect all art enthusiasts and catalyse new conversations and ideas between collectors from different disciplines. It encourages cultural exchange between the East and the West through delivering to the public lecture series, handling sessions and other culture events such as Chinese and Japanese tea ceromonies.

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