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Blue glazed ewer, Tang dynasty


Tang dynasty 7-10th century AD

21.5cm high

Description: This ewer is rare from Tang dynasty, covered in a vibrant cobalt blue glaze. It has a flaring rim grabbed by a tiger looking side of handle that is attached to the shoulder of a bulbous body. The spout on the opposite side of the handle is short and cylindrical with some decorations on it likely to be some kind of wild animal. The thick blue glaze with fine cracks resulted from application in layers that drip to be bottom of the body. Underneath the thick rich glaze, some incised lines around the rim, neck and should can been seen. Only the bottom of the body exposes some areas of raw white clay with probably a cosmetic layer applied on the top. The use of cobalt blue glaze can be traced to early Tang dynasty. It was imported from Western Asia, therefore highly valued.

Provenance: An American collection

Reference: For a similar jar of this type, see Lot 201 from Sotheby's London "Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art", 07 November 2012


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