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Small painted jar, Maojiayao culture

Description: This small jar with a bloated body and flared rim is typical of the Banshan type, from the middle period of the Majiayao culture. The surface was first coated with a reddish-brown pigment and was then decorated in black with a combined series of rhombus or diamond shaped patterns. Some of them are completely black while some are diapers, which are divided by vertical bands. There are also zigzag motifs around the rim. Two small ear handles are attached on either side of the neck. The jar was made using the coiling method and was then carefully shaped, resulting in a light-weight jar with a thin wall, a testament to the quality of the craftsmanship employed at the time. Finally, the entire body was burnished to produce a silky and glossy finish.

Provenance: An Australian collection

Reference: Reference: For a similar jar of this type, see Chinese Ceramics, Regina Krahl, 1994, P26



Majiayao culture, Banshan type, mid-3rd millennium BCE

14.5cm high

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