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Painted pottery jar, Xindian culture



Xindian Culture late 2nd or early 1st millennium BCE

20.5cm high

Description: This jar has yoke scroll motifs on the surface, a unique indication of being from the Xindian culture of the late Neolithic period to early Shang dynasty. There are four symmetrical yokes around the shoulder: one large one on each side and a small one under each handle. In between the two bands on the neck, there are four symmetrical ‘angel’-like dancing figures with wings. Around the rim there is a single wide band composed of geometric lines. The edges of all the patterns are painted in back and filled with purplish-red paint. The two large ‘ear’ handles are firmly attached to opposite sides of the neck. They are large enough to ensure the hands can properly hold them, so this jar is made to be hand-carried. The surface is partially burnished, leaving many scratching traces. Another common design from the Xindian culture, has two smaller ear handles on either side of the shoulder. This kind of jar tends to be much larger.  

Provenance: A British collection

Reference: For a similar jar of this type, see Chinese Ceramics, Regina Krahl, 1994, P39

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