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White glazed double chicken-head ewer, Tang dynasty



Tang dynasty, 7-10th century AD

30cm high

Description: This is a typical and rare Tang dynasty chicken-head ewer with double rooster head as spouts. The large loop handle has one end being a dragon head that bites the flaring rim and the other is firmly attached to the shoulder of the ewer. Both rooster and dragon are made in great detail expressing a harmonious feeling. There are two squared lugs on each side of the shoulder. Three groups of incised lines are placed in the middle of the neck, at the bottom of the neck and on the shoulder. The body is decorated with carved leaf motifs. The white glaze covering the ewer shows a tinge of jade colour, which is thickly applied with natural cracks. Only the bottom of the body exposes some white clay surface, showing that an additional cosmetic layer might be applied before the glaze.

Provenance: A Canadian collection

Reference: For a closest example (Yue kiln) of this type, go to Guimet Museum in Paris

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