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Large Siwa jar


Neolithic Siwa Culture (14th-11th century BCE)
44 cm high

Description: Siwa culture predates the Zhou dynasty and is contemporaneous with the Shang dynasty. It spans the Southeast Gansu Province. The unique shape of Siwa pottery is its flaring saddled-shaped mouth, with two handles connecting the rim at the neck, shoulder and bottom. This Siwa jar is made in reddish colour with grey patterns from the shoulder to the bottom due to the uneven firing conditions of the production process. The surface of the jar is overall well burnished though some areas are pitted due to the lengthy burial time. This larger reddish Siwa jar in comparison with the smaller dark grey Siwa jar in the same catalogue has a more elongated body and a smaller head. It is a classic example on how elegant early ceramics can be in their simple but high aesthetic.

Provenance: A British collection

Reference: For a similar jar of this type, see the Harvard Art Museums


Large Siwa jar
Large Siwa jar
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