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Large shigaraki jar


44 cm high

Description: This large Japanese stoneware jar (tsubo) is made in a shigaraki style, wood fired with heavy natural ash glaze deposits in a variety of coloured shades. The uneven surface and the asymmetric form are similar to the Korean “moon jar” type of large white glazed jar in this catalogue, due to the shape being formed in the manual process. Shigaraki wares were historically appreciated in tea ceremonies because of their incomplete effects and imperfection making it fit the wabi aesthetics.  The potter‘s signature is incised in the upper body part of the vessel, similar to “X”, which represents Tsujimura Shiro who is one of the most famous and active Japanese potters today. Inspired by tea aesthetics, he makes dramatic functional ceramics vessels that adapt the traditional method while allowing uncontrolled process to create unique effects in the glaze and form of each piece. His ceramics works have been collected by major world renown museums, such as the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum.

Provenance: A German collection

Reference: For a similar jar of this type, see one example from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Large shigaraki jar
Large shigaraki jar
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