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Guilt bronze Boshanlu, Han dynasty

Description: This small hill censor called “Boshanlu” embodies the spirit of Han dynasty, used as an incense burner. It is believed that this object has a central Asian origin and was made into a bud form during Han dynasty. The cover is cast with wild animals and human figures in the mountain. When the sense diffuses through the top openwork, it resembles clouds on top of the mountain with a mythical bird, probably a phoenix. The entire scene refers to the traditional Chinese belief that the Queen Mother of the West lives in the Kunlun mountain and represents immortality. The censor is raised by an arm tree with a circular drip plate on the base. The surface is partially covered by green patina. This Boshanlu is one rare form made with guilt instead of full bronze.

Provenance: An American collection

Reference: For a closest example of this type, see MET online collection, Museum Accession Number:15.161.1

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Western Han dynasty, 202 BC–9 AD

15cm high


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